Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad choice

While every Senate race pits one douchebag against one slightly less douchebag, this never-ending Minnesota Senate campaign has featured two of the most unlikeable people on the planet, Al Franken and Norm Coleman.

Personally, I would like both of them to lose and for either Walter Mondale, Kevin McHale or Bob Dylan to take office, but occasionally I live in reality so I've come to accept the fact that Al Franken is going to be a United States Senator.  Oh my god.

Aside from Jimmy Fallon, Dane Cook, Glenn Beck, and JD Hayworth, I can't think of too many people in the public eye that I like less than Norm Coleman.    It's visceral for me, starting with the end of the 2002 Senate race and bleeding throughout Iraq and the second Bush administration.  He is a political opportunist, an unprincipled goon.  And he looks like some sort of stretched out Jimmy Carter cross breeded with a pencil eraser.

Franken, on the other hand.... Where do I start?  His performance as a baggage handler in my second favorite movie of all time, Trading Places, should earn him a pass in my book and lifelong support for all of his endeavors.   And usually, anyone who engages in a fued with Bill O'Reilly is my kind of guy (except when Steve Doocy and O'Reilly have their weekly Numbskull-off competition). 

But, Franken's a dick, so there that goes.   He's meanspirited, and conniving, and a lot of time cruel.  Despite his intelligence, he goes for the easy political joke and is rarely particularly insightful.  Plus, I'm still not behind this whole "I have zero business, government, military, or political training but I want to be a Senator/Governor/President" idea.

Of course, I would vote for Dane Cook if he was running against Norm Coleman, so regardless of my personal antipathy for Franken, I suppose I'm at leastly slightly satisfied to know that Coleman will be relegated to making $50,000 on the lecture circuit.



Blogger anne said...

when we worked on the ellner campaign, i saw franken on fire island while we were flyer-ing on the fourth of july, which is also drag-queen-invasion day. something to think about.


7:36 AM  

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