Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So you're saying there's a chance?

The best news of my week? Mary Louise Parker has broken off her engagement to her fiance and his moustache.

My love for Mary Louise Parker is well documented. I don't really have a plan here, so any suggestions are welcome. She's 44, a millionaire actress, and has a series on Showtime. I'm 28, a non- millionaire non-member of the media, and I occasionally play my guitar loudly enough for a passing pedestrian to hear. I'm in like Flynt. Or Flynn. Whatever.

I won't leave her seven months pregnant like Billy Crudup. I won't be ugly like Adam Duritz. I won't grow a moustache like that guy in the photo. I won't be a celebrity and then a non-celebrity like Timothy Hutton. In fact I'm perfectly fine being a non-celebrity for the rest of my life.

C'mon, Mary-Louise, what do you have to lose other than the respect of your peers and someone with whom you have common interests? Take a chance on me!


Anonymous Shannon said...

Wasn't she in that TV show "One Day at a Time"?

2:26 PM  

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