Thursday, April 16, 2009

But he ain't no criminal, and his crime, it is none

So while I was browsing yesterday (I just love that Dan Shaughnessy!) I came across an article detailing the brutal and bizarre murder of a prostitute at the Marriott Hotel in Copley Square.  Last night, friends sent me a few pictures of the accused killer, who looks a little too much like me.

For the record, on Tuesday night I was watching 90210 in the comfort of my own home in Somerville, celebrating Donna Martin's triumphant return to Beverly Hills.  Apparently she's a high powered clothing designer now.  How could I know that if I was shooting a hooker in downtown Boston?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think you can get away with using 90210 as your excuse? I know you'd never stoop that low...


8:33 AM  

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