Monday, May 19, 2008

And then return?

An upsetting story hit the wires today from Iraq. Not as upsetting as the "63 people die in village bombing" or "Three soldiers killed by roadside bomb" stories that we get on a daily basis, but upsetting nonetheless.

Apparently a US soldier has been using the Q'uran for target practice.

As I like to keep this space as light as I can and usually avoid serious topics, as I read the article I noticed an interesting nugget:

" The military said Sunday that the soldier responsible had been disciplined and pulled from Iraq.

Col. Bill Buckner, a U.S. military spokesman, described the incident as "serious and deeply troubling" but called it an isolated case."

That's right.

This explains everything. After all the poor planning, misexecution, and downright idiocy of the War by the Bush administration, they have finally brought in the best scapegoat possible. Of course, I'm sure some pundits will say that the war was Bush's fault for leaving Buckner in Iraq too long, or Rumsfeld's fault for asking for himself to be pulled early on in the game, or Petraeus' fault for not executing the surge for the appropriate length of time, or Bob Stanley's fault for throwing a wild pitch, but I think we all know that the hearts of the discerning American people will once again cause us to blame Bill Buckner.

McCain in 2008!


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