Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Holla if you need me love, I'm in the House

The Veepstakes (I hate that term) has just about reached the boiling point, with both Barack "The One" Obama and John "Nearly dead" McCain closing in on picking their running mates. Barack is looking for the whitest guy he can possibly find (other than John McCain) and McCain is looking for someone who skews the ticket a bit younger, ie: John McCain's father.

As always happens during VP selection time, there are frontrunners (Bayh, Biden, Romney, Crist) and dark horses (Fiorina, Sebelius, Nunn) and then there are the ridiculous obscure House members that are tossed in at the end to placate the respective party leadership. In this election, that honor goes Reps Eric Cantor (R-eligious Jew) and Chet Edwards (D-on't know anything about him)

"I'm Jewish."

I know very little about Cantor aside from his aforementioned Judaism and his clothing choice which involves, at least in the above picture, way too many patterns. He's relatively young (just 45) he's the Chief Deputy Minority Whip, and in his 2002 Congressional race he beat Ben "Cooter" Jones , who of course appeared on the Dukes of Hazzard. I'm convinced.

"I look like Mark Foley."

So do I need to elaborate anymore? Chet Edwards looks like Mark Foley. As a positive, the Obama campaign can save a lot of money by just replacing the name Kerry from the 2004 bumper stickers, banners, and signs. As a negative, Chet Edwards looks like Mark Foley.


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