Monday, February 02, 2009

And so begins the long, slow fall of Sally Jesse Raphael

Not sure what's in the drinking water over at the White House office of cabinet affairs but I think it might be tax evasion mixed with really, really, big balls.

Tom Daschle becomes the second Cabinet nominee of President Obama's to be snared up in a "tax issue", and by "tax issue" of course I mean he didn't pay like $150,000 in taxes.    Probably just a "clerical error", and by "clerical error" I mean he used a limo and chauffeur for three years and didn't reflect that in his taxes.  I'm sure that it was an "isolated incident" and by "isolated incident" I mean he also didn't pay taxes on $80,000 in consulting fees.  I'm sure he "promptly fixed the problem" and by "promptly fixed the problem" I mean he just paid the taxes in January.  

The most interesting part about the story is that Daschle realized the mistake in June and didn't fix the problem AND didn't tell Obama about it, which strikes me as strange because Obama seems like the kind of guy be ok with a mistake if you were honest about it but if you weren't he would bury you in a Tony Rezko owned landfill somewhere outside of Chicago.

Either way, a potential Daschle withdrawal opens the door for another Republican Senator, so I'm ok with it.


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