Monday, April 20, 2009

Nabroleon and Brosephine

I kept quiet on the teabagging and Bobama, but the Chavez-Obama "Hug it out, bitch" moment could not escape my radar.

Obviously, I have no problem with President Obama meeting Hugo Chavez, shaking his hand, maybe grabbing a quick drink, maybe helping him move, maybe driving him to the airport, maybe catching a soccer match, , maybe asking him to join the President's weekly hoops game, maybe asking him about what grill he should buy, or maybe discussing cell phone providers or routes to work.

My problem is: goddamnit Barack why are you so much cooler than me?  Here you are, making acquaintance with a guy who would probably like the United States destroyed, and you greet him like your college roommate?  Does anything phase you?  Is there ever a time when you think, hey, maybe I should turn off the cool switch and be a little stiffer?  

Don't touch him on the arm, don't grip his hand like you're pulling Courtney Cox up on to stage during Dancing in the Dark.  The guy is a dictator.  Shake his hand, say a vague pleasantry, that's it.


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