Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lord knows I've paid some dues

Ha ha! I get it. Ted Kennedy killed a woman in 1969. Ha ha! That's funny. Sigh.

I'm glad all those Republican Mary Jo Kopechne supporters out there are really diginifying her memory with a crudely made and frankly not all that clever bumper sticker. Bravo.

However, the bumper sticker did give me an idea. Maybe I'll start my own line of innovative, clever, and utterly hilarious conservative bumper stickers. Here are some ideas:

- I'd rather hire Linda Chavez's illegal foreign nanny than go yachting with Duke Cunningham
(Maybe a little too wonky)

- I'd rather ride horses with Mike Brown than entrust him with the safety of our Gulf Coast
(Too soon?)

- I'd rather poison a Supreme Court Justice than speak in rational discourse.
(Too vague?)

- I'd rather bribe congressman than be an honest human being.
(Too unbelievable)

- I'd rather see Brokeback Mountain than be David Dreier's roommate.
(My first outing)

- I'd rather have an Arab country defend America's ports than exert my constitutional responsibility.
(Would look really good on the back of Marine One)

- I'd rather not get shot in the face by the Vice President than get shot in the face by the Vice President.
(I've already reserved one of these for Scooter Libby)

- I'd rather illegally listen in on phone conversations than legally listen in on phone conversations.
(Kind of nuanced)

- I'd rather be an asshole than do my job.
(Good old Scott)

and finally...

- I'd rather invade Iraq than track down Osama Bin Laden
(Too on point.)


Anonymous Edgar said...

I'd rather not have health insurance than be within 100 miles of a gay!

8:47 PM  

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