Friday, May 23, 2008

Old man, look at your life

"My friends, I haven't felt this vigorous since the Battle of Yorktown."

John McCain let the media look at his medical records yesterday, guaranteeing no press attention because of the holiday weekend and because the media loves John McCain. Here are some actual quotes from the article on, which has to win an award for most lukewarm clean-as-a-whistle report ever:

- “I do not see any worrisome lesions”
- “I think physiologically he is considerably younger than his chronologic age based on his cardiovascular fitness"
- “We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have no way to say anything at the present time would preclude him from running for office”
- “He’s not cured,” Lessin said. Still, the biggest risk of recurrence is in the first few years, so at eight years out, the chances of melanoma returning at that spot and killing him is “in the single digits,” he added. “He’s pretty much out of the woods.”
- He has occasional momentary episodes of dizziness, when he gets up suddenly.

Well I'm convinced.


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