Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lost song of the Day

Fleet Foxes -- "Mykonos" off Mykonos EP

I suppose that it's pretty silly for me call any song by the Fleet Foxes a lost song because they have recorded about 13 songs, and because ever Tom, Dick, and hipster ranked eponymously named  album Fleet Foxes as the album of the year for 2008, but I'm fine with it.

The Fleet Foxes album is very good -- I'm not sure I would put it at album of the year level but then again I listen to albums 3 or 4 tracks at a time so I'm a bad judge of that kind of thing.  I enjoyed most of the songs, particularly White Winter Hymnal which made me think very happily of the Beach Boys.

I heard Mykonos for the first time on Saturday Night Live, which is itself interesting as a lot of bands won't do new material on SNL and I usually have to DVR an episode of Conan to see a performance of a good indie band.   Their performance was good and this song is my favorite by them now.  The acapella piece of the song, starting at 2:13, is the most memorable, and rocking, part.


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