Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ok, now that we're past that -- OH ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME

Just when we thought we've moved on from a nerdly Governor hiring insanely hot prostitutes for $5,000 to have hot, unprotected, hot... where was I? Anyway, apparently the new Gov also likes, or liked, to have sex with women who aren't his wife. Who doesn't?

I don't have a big problem with the whole affair thing, but the story in itself is weird -- he would have liasons with his mistress in a Days Inn (Four Stars!) which he later visited with his wife after they had patched things up. This whole sex thing of course detracts from the real concerns about him being Governor -- he's blind and black.

And of course, the story that keeps on giving... harder, and harder, and harder, oh yes, harder:

A young strapping former aide of Jim McGreevey (D-isaster) relayed stories of threesomes that the aide used to have with McGreevey and his wife, who has, probably rightfully, played the victim since McGreevey came out as a gay American in 2004. The trysts, dubbed "Friday Night Specials" by the McGreevey's and their concubine, were, much like Paterson's, 4 star in nature.

Dinner at TGIFridays (mozzerella shooters and extreme quesadillas) and then a nice MMF threesome to cap off the evening. McGreevey's wife denies the accusations, McGreevey confirms them, and somewhere Jon Corzine is sweating his balls off knowing that he is next.


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