Friday, May 29, 2009

And where the hell was I?

My 5 loyal readers (and the 5 people a day who find this site while looking up a quote from Blues Brothers):

Yes, I still have a blog.  

I've been fighting this for a long time, but it's time for me to close up shop.    I'd like to say that I've been busy with other projects, things within my real life, but in actuality I just haven't been motivated to write.  Things haven't been as funny to me, I guess?  I blame Barack Obama.

I will, however, return to updating my as of late dormant pretentious photo-blog, Everyone thinks they can be a photographer.

Thank you for reading, especially to those of you who would comment and who read even when I was patently unfunny.  Phil (Phil?  You've changed, man)  PK (my cowriter on the 2013 romantic comedy "Mismatch" starring Kate Hudson and Verne Troyer), MGriff (Guys night!)  Shannon (most frequent commenter), Wiley Romo (my earliest fan), Amy (the only member of the actual media to read this space), Rom (my furthest away reader)Michelle (You fine), Decline (who praised me more than I ever deserved), KO (for the title), Josh (the naturally funniest person I know), Darren (my earliest writing partner)

In order to generate some last minute site traffic, and because I enjoy reading my own written word, here is a quick list of my favorite posts over the past three and a half years:

- The best use of a song title in a post (not a good piece of writing)

- A screed about how much I sweat

- A preview of McCain's VP possibilities

- Barbara Walters, homewrecker

- Mitt's sexual pecadillos and Zombie Reagan

- Why Barack?

- Spam of the day

- A democratic roundup

- Karl Rove, rapper

- A post about my hometown's struggles

- President Bush, douchebag

- My hero Bill Clinton

- My love letter to the Myspace T-shirt girl

- A post (about the New York Post) featuring the funniest joke I've ever written

- People you might find on Myspace (my most popular post)

- The post that got me on Wonkette!!! (i'm pathetic)

- Bumper sticker ideas

- My favorite post

- My quest to destroy a Jeopardy Teen Tournament participant

- The 2006 State of the Union!

- 2008 Presidential candidate preview (circa 2006 - Part 1, Part 2)

Thank you for reading, and for the compliments,  and for telling me when I wasn't funny.   


Anonymous Shannon said...

RIP Quint...
As Picard would say, "all good things come to an end"...

9:57 PM  
Anonymous hate the d-rays, love the b-jays said...

please keep this blog going, so I can unsubscribe

sorry to see it go. blog was funny.

12:36 PM  

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